Milady Operative – Questions 6 

1. Provide us with images of what you feel you are most proud. Examples: a hairstyle, a good grade, your classmates, a teacher, or your new shears. Be creative you can include photos, create a collage using PowerPoint, or drawings. 

These were manikins that prior students had practiced/worked on that were driving me insane. So, I decided I was going to fix what I could, my results. 
2. Is what lead you into the beauty industry still guiding you? If not what changes have occurred? How have your expectations changed?
For the most part, I am still fueled by the energy that started me in this industry. But, like any student, I’ve found different areas that I am excited about, which I wasn’t thinking would happen. 
3. What ‘s energizing you or motivating you through these summer months? How are you staying on course?
Knowing that I’m about half way through my program and I’m that much closer to being licensed. I’ve wanted this for so long, now it’s a matter of getting a certification saying I can do it. 
4. If you were an instructor teaching a class what materials would you want to be able to give your students? Use in your classroom?
I think it’s beneficial to see breakdowns of information, so having like color charts for color theory, diagrams for color mixing, diagrams for cutting. I get that all of that information is in the book, but it’s so inconvenient to tote around that heavy book while trying to reference in the lab. Ideally, I would like to have a small notebook filled with quick tips on coloring, cutting and styling. 
5. Where do you see yourself dominating the beauty and wellness field? Do you see yourself owning a salon in your town? Working in a metropolitan city as a platform artist? Being a world famous beauty educator? Developing your own line of beauty products? Working in a nursing facility?
All of the above, is that an option? Ha. I love all of it and am not trying to limit myself, whatever comes my way, I’m willing to take it on to the extreme. I love the idea of being a platform artist and educator, but would be as excited to own my own salon and would stoked about being a shampoo chemist. 


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