Milady Operative – Questions 5 

1) Think back over the last few weeks. What was something that really discouraged/frustrated you? Why? What did you do to overcome it? 
Politics in the classroom, mainly drama is started which is frustrating. I’ve come to understand that most of the individuals in my class are somewhat manipulative, in terms of trying to abuse a system, but I try to distance myself. I don’t want to be associated with that mess, so I try to stay as far away as I possibly can. 

2) And now for the opposite side. What is something you’ve been super excited about? Why? Did this influence your behavior and attitude for a few days after? How?

I started a new job as a receptionist in a local salon. And, after a 22 days stretch of working everyday, I should have a day off at the end of June-vacation, yay! It somewhat influences my behavior, but unfortunately after working so many days in a row, I have become numb to and expression. My schedule is constant but knowing I have a little break coming makes the chaos now not seem terrible. 

3) Will you be attending any hair shows or events this summer? If so, which ones?

I won’t be attending any this summer, however, I will be attending one in October and hopefully one in Chicago, in March! 

4) What’s the hottest summer trend in hair care or skin care?

I’m not geared toward skin care, but I have noticed that baliage and ombres are super hot. In general, having a softer look to any lighter colors are a big deal. Longer layers and soft-kissed colors, which I have been cutting and styling my fair share of them, lately. 

5) Do you currently have a job outside of school? If so, what is it? What do you like about it? What do you dislike?

Yes. I have three jobs, currently. A shift supervisor at Starbucks, a receptionist at Bankz Salon, and owner of a cleaning business. Starbucks, it can be stressful at times. My store is one of the highest volume stores in the U.S., so organized chaos is a necessity, but it wears on a person. Bankz, I enjoy the salon atmosphere and look forward to learning about a new color line. And cleaning, it’s extra money. I don’t mind doing the work, I think the best part is seeing the difference after my work. 

6) Did you like the A&P charts? Did you find them useful?

I was super excited to see the charts and feel that they are going to be incredibly beneficial. Though I’ve already gone through the anatomy section, I think it’ll be super helpful when I have to refresh my memory for my state board exam. 


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