Milady Operative – Questions 4 

1) What was your greatest struggle in the last month? What did you do to work it through? Now that it’s behind you, how could you have handled it differently?

Balancing everything out, I work two jobs and own a cleaning business in order to go to school, so balancing school plus work is rather difficult. My schedule is chaotic and fully booked, so finding the time to work crazy hours (some weeks 70 plus hours) and study has been the biggest struggle. Thankfully, I am used to dealing with a hectic schedule: while working on my thesis dissertation for my Masters degree, I worked full-time at Starbucks and instructed two courses in English at a local college. As far as working through any struggle or difficulty, I have realized I continually have to remind myself, “the day will end, eventually.” Really, I try to use every instance as a learning opportunity, so taking little tidbits from each experience is my main goal–usually nothing in particular.

2) What were you most proud of in the last month? Why?
Honestly, having sanity. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but caring over 100% attendance rate, holding a 4.0 GPA, and working 50-70 hours a week, keeping my sanity is what I’m most proud of. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time and I’m not going to let a little hard work, now, defeat me in the future.

3) Tell us a story about a difficult client. Why were they difficult? How did you resolve it? What did you learn from it?

I had a client come in for lavender hair, the client herself wasn’t difficult, but her hair–she is pre-diabetic, has well-water, and had previous crazy colors in her hair. The difficulty came into play when she wanted to go from green to lavender. I had to counteract every green portion of her hair, I literally couldn’t apply bleach without pulling an atrocious green. Her hair was fragile, to say the least, but after toning her and then adding back in every pigment I took out, I reapplied lavender and it took the color. Mainly, taking into account all external factors that my clients face on a daily basis and remembering that not everyone takes care of their hair the way they should outside of the salon! 

4) Do you plan to go on and get additional education or certifications? If so, what?

I already have some additional education, but I do plan to take my certification to a local college, which would in turn be credited toward an Associate of Business in Cosmetology. Looking toward the future, I know a business degree would be great to have on a resume!

5) Do you use role playing in school at all? If so, please describe how it’s used.

No, we don’t role play in the classroom, but I sometimes think it would be beneficial–for the sake of an experience.


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