Milady Operative – Questions 2

1.       What was your favorite item in the Welcome Kit and Why?

The dictionary, having a background in English this will be incredibly useful. As geeky as it may sound, I study much better when I know the words I’m using. Having a dictionary of cosmetology terms in front of me, as I study, allows me to have quick reference to all the information I need, in the field of study I’m focused in.

2.       What was something that discouraged you in the last 2 weeks and how did you overcome it or how are you working to overcome it?

So, attending beauty school has hardships and sacrifices, but the main area of concern has been financially. I have to pay out of pocket for my schooling because of the previous education I have experienced. Though I wouldn’t change that educational experience for anything, I do wish I could change the ordering of my education. This whole experience seems to be a catch 22, I want to go to beauty school but because of school I have to continue to work to pay for it; which to be honest, has never been the issue. The issue is that I have to work SO much in order to pay for schooling. I own a cleaning business, which I service about 3 clients a week (equalling about 20 hours a week), in addition to working at Starbucks, which as a shift I have to work a minimum of 20 hours. About 2 weeks ago I cut down my hours to 20 hours a week (to dedicate more time to school) because prior to that I was working about 30 hours a week, in addition to cleaning. But, now I fear that my finances aren’t going to allow me to continue to attend school. The light in my financial darkness has been applying for scholarships, which doesn’t seem like much but I at least know that I’m working toward an end goal. Currently, I am waiting to hear back from seven scholarships, but last week I was informed via the Coordinator of the Adult Division at Madison that I was carrying a 4.0 and had 108% attendance. Because of my performance thus far, they had applied a $500 scholarship to my account. The constant financial struggle keeps me from performing my best work, but I give 110% of my effort 100% of the time.

3.       What was something that made you happy in the last 2 weeks? Why?

Definitely the update about my performance at school. I know I work hard, but it was nice to have confirmation of my performance.

4.       Tell me about your instructors – what do you like? What do you wish was different? What do they do that’s super helpful to you?

I love the fact that we have three different teaching styles, it allows for a wonderful learning environment. I wish our artsy instructor was someone different though
because my confidence in her ability as a cosmetologist is at a minimum. I feel I should respect her as an artist in the field, mainly because she’s been doing it for so long, but I don’t trust her knowledge. Each instructor is willing to do anything they can to foster the best learning environment for each student. They know not everyone learns the same, so they do what they can to accommodate each and every one of us.

5.       Where do you go to find out the latest trends, techniques and styles?
Funny, we are talking about this now! I turn to someone I respect as an artist. I go to someone who is knowledgeable about their trade and is passionate about it to learn

techniques on the latest trends. I love watching Sam Villa and Matt Beck, but beyond those two I try to visit nature and every day experiences to find inspiration which translates to styles, for me.


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